Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager for Frontier Equity and EM Small Cap Equity Strategies.

Cassel, CFA

Chief Executive Officer responsible for the firm’s investment strategies.  
THURsday, September 28tH @ 2Pm EsT

Meet Consilium: New Ideas in the Next Emerging Markets

Join us for a conversation with Emerging Markets veterans Jonathan Binder and Charlie Cassel, co-founders of Consilium Investment Management, to discover how their equity strategies provide institutional investors with differentiated access to an untapped opportunity set in under-represented markets.

Discussion topics include:
  • The drivers behind the marginalization of Frontier and smaller Emerging Markets in investor portfolios, despite their increasing contribution to global economic activity.
  • Why large EM investors, who focus almost exclusively on a small basket of EM countries, are ill-equipped to take advantage of opportunities in many countries with strong structural growth characteristics
  • Consilium’s strong track record, and the advantages of an active, index-agnostic approach.
  • Lessons in risk management learned from decades of experience in EM.
  • How Chief Investment Officer Jonathan Binder’s international upbringing, which exposed him to nearly every continent, shaped his investment philosophy and world view.
  • Q&A session to help you invest in under-the-radar Frontier and Emerging Markets with confidence.
Join us for an introductory webinar!

Join us for an introductory webinar